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Winter Open Round 4 - Schroeder Shreds Salveron

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Jeff Schroeder (left) in his win vs Wendell Salveron.
Jeff Schroeder (left) in his win vs Wendell Salveron.
Round 4 of the Winter Open took place last night and FeiYue Yang (2138) continued his perfect form, this time dispatching with Gregg Fritchle (2058) with the white pieces.

On board 2, Gordon Brooks (1934) kept up his equally perfect form by defeating Michael Cooper (2101). A highly imbalanced middlegame saw Cooper up a piece but Brooks, who had white, having two dangerous connected passed pawns by way of compensation. When Brooks got one of the pawns to the seventh rank, Cooper was forced to rattle off a series of accurate moves in time trouble. Unfortunately for him, he hadn't left himself enough time to do so and Brooks pressed home the win.

Matthew Hayes (2032) had white against Queena Deng (1696) on board 3. Deng obtained a good position out of the opening (a French Defense) and looked to have white in some trouble. However, a blunder allowed Hayes to win a piece for inadequate compensation and black resigned a while later.

On board 4, Eren Karadayi (1843) scored the first of the evening's upsets by beating Randy Hough (2025). Although an "upset" in terms of rating, Karadayi is no stranger to beating higher rated players, with a number of expert (and even Master) scalps to his name.

The evening's other upset results included Eduardo Linsangan's (1808) draw with the black pieces against Dave Matson (2006) and Cory Chen's (1570) excellent win over John Anderson (1879). Finally, a shout out to Jeff Schroeder (1806) who has only recently returned to tournament action. He had a superb win over the always dangerous Wendell Salveron (1948), with the black pieces to boot. The result continued Schroeder's fine run in the Winter Open and keeps in well in contention, not only for a class prize but also for the battle for first place.

Round 5 of the Winter Open will take place Monday, February 11.