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Brett Roger Sandberg

Game and tournament history  |  Rating history/progression  |  Record vs other members

USCF Rating: 1348P22

Highest USCF Rating: 1358P20 (on 10/3/2016)
Lowest USCF Rating: 1293P13 (on 7/18/2016)

Active at Arcadia Chess Club?: No
USCF ID: 12608736

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Tournament & Game Data

Tournaments Entered: 5
Games Played: 12 (5 wins / 7 losses / 0 draws)
Win Percentage: 41.7%
Most Recent Tournament: Thurlow Mishler Memorial - Tmm1800 (11/14/2016)

Top 5 Tournaments

0/1 (=5th) at Istvanyi Memorial - Xt on 10/3/2016

3/6 (=11th) at Fred Brock Open - Fred Brock Open 1500 on 7/18/2016

1.5/5 (=21st) at Istvanyi Memorial - Im18 on 10/3/2016

1/5 (=26th) at Thurlow Mishler Memorial - Tmm1800 on 11/14/2016

2.5/5 (=30th) at Summer Open - So on 8/22/2016

Best Wins & Draws, Worst Losses

Best Win (By Highest Rating)¹: vs Sean Ting (1459) on 9/19/2016 at the Istvanyi Memorial - Im18 tournament

Best Win (By Rating Difference)²: n/a

Best Draw (By Highest Rating)¹: n/a

Best Draw (By Rating Difference)²: n/a

Worst Loss (By Lowest Rating)¹: vs Maxwell Li (1433) on 7/18/2016 at the Fred Brock Open - Fred Brock Open 1500 tournament

Worst Loss (By Rating Difference)²: n/a

¹ Does not include results where opponent had a provisional rating
² Does not include results where either player had a provisional rating

USCF ratings are based on the member's post tournament rating(s) in their tournaments at Arcadia Chess Club. They may not reflect tournaments played outside of Arcadia Chess Club.